Ricard Gascons

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I am a Computer Science student from Barcelona. I usually program in Python, tinker with C++ and currently learning ML.

GSoC: The journey begins

23 May 2016

Hello everyone, as I stated in the opening post, I am participating in Google Summer of Code 2016 under the GNOME Organisation.

My project is related to GNOME Games, a brand new application that serves as a catalog of games alongside a bunch of emulators. The app has been mostly written by Kekun, my mentor during the program. My proposal aims to port more game systems and platforms, such as PlayStation 1, GoG games and offer support to features like multi-disk support.

Here’s how the App currently looks like: gnome-games sample

Wonderful right!?

I won’t be the only one collaborating in GNOME Games though, my fellow programming mate meghprkh will be working on including the ability to control games using a gamepad, among other things.

It looks like this summer will be awesome!