Ricard Gascons

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I am a Computer Science student from Barcelona. I usually program in Python, tinker with C++ and currently learning ML.

Supporting PSX games in Gnome Games

19 Jun 2016

Nearly one month into the GSoC program and things are only getting more exciting. It’s been a busy and interesting month and I’ve made a lot of progress into supporting multi-disk games. The first step however, is offering support to PSX games which is the main platform with games having multiple disks.

The emulator we’re porting is called pcsx_rearmed which is an ARM oriented emulator, capable of recompiling MIPS->ARM instructions. It’s used in a lot of Android apps and other ancient devices and have a good reputation among this community.

In gnome-games however, we encountered and error which caused an seg-fault when loading games. After investigating the source code and search for clues of what could happen inside the emulator, another programmer appeared who claimed he could know what the problem was and how to fix it. Luckily, my mentor and him live in the same city, which accelerated things a lot. Right now, the code appears to have been fixed.

Next update about GSoC will hopefully talk about UI design and the multi-disk support core functionalities.