Ricard Gascons

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I am a Computer Science student from Barcelona. I usually program in Python, tinker with C++ and currently learning ML.

C++ your way to the browser!

05 Jun 2016

Hey everybody, it’s been a harsh week over here, with exams and deliveries all over the place.

I want to show you one of the deliveries, from my Compilers course. More precisely, I’ll show you a C++ interpreter for the web.


Written in Coffeescript, Node.js and with the help of Browserify we built a little system capable of performing syntactic analysis of the code and interpret it right away. For this to happen, semantic code analysis previous to the execution is needed. This is due to the nature of C++, which is a compiled language and a lot of checking is done in order to ensure things like type-safety or returning the correct type from a function.

This project is still in its early stages and a lot needs to be done. Expect frequent updates in the course of the summer and in September, when classes start again. You can checkout our project here or watch a little demo showing its core functionalities.