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I am a Computer Science student from Barcelona. I usually program in Python, tinker with C++ and currently learning ML.

GSoC: final evaluation

22 Aug 2016

This blog-post contains the final evaluation of my Google summer of Code 2016 project for the GNOME organization. More precisely, I’ve been working in the Games application under the mentorship of Adrien Plazas implementing multi-source/multi-disc games and offer support to the PlayStation platform. If you want to skip to the links section click here.

This task involved contributing to various repositories and perform a set of different tasks.


In the following list there’s a summary about the steps I’ve followed in order to implement the features listed above.


  • Add pcsx_reARMed emulator to retro-plugins as the PlayStation plugin


  • Split the result handling from the game creation
  • Add PlayStationPlugin to gnome-games
  • Add GameFactory interface and a generic implementation
  • Instead of using plain URIs, use Media wrapper class
  • Implement MediaSet class, allowing more than one URI per game
  • Implement the UI that allows the user changing media/discs in the middle of a game
  • Add PlayStationGameFactory for the PlayStation plugin

Links with the commits to each repository:


PSX game in fullscreen, showing the multi-source menu on the right

Another PSX game, showing the multi-source menu

In case of wanting to see the contribution live, please go to the gnome-games repository to install the latest version of the app.